Saturday, May 23, 2015


It seems like the fate of Alex Rodriguez is once again in the hands of Fredric Horowitz.

When the Yankees and ARod signed the infamous contract, it included several incentives for marketable milestones. A part of the contract states that the Yankees get to decide whether or not a milestone is considered "marketable." Casey wrote about ARod and the marketability of his milestones in the Bronx and how not paying ARod would look bad on the Yankees. The Yankees believe that the suspension, and the involvement with PED's make the milestone unmarketable. Brian Cashman has said that the Yankees are not obligated to pay him.

Now it seems that Horowitz will ultimately decide whether or not the Yankees have to make the payment. Horowitz, who was the arbitrator responsible for the Biogenesis hearing, and who lowered the original 221 game suspension to 162 games, is familiar with both the Yankees and ARod. Hal Steinbrenner agrees that if there is an obligation, on the organizations part, they will meet it. 

"I will say that, as with every other contract, if there's any contractual obligations on our end, we're going to meet them. It's no different than any other contract."

The players union has also stated that they would be willing to aid ARod, if he chose to put up a fight for the money. So far, ARod has remained tight lipped on the whole thing.

Here's the thing, before the season started, it was easy to assume that tying and passing Mays would not be marketable for the Yankees. I mean, how much could they possibly hope to benefit from it? ARod had never been very liked in the Bronx. His career here was met with more boo's and jeers than anything else. After the year long suspension, most of us assumed that he would have little to no support. That was not the case. Yankees fans have flocked to the stadium and have cheered for ARod when he tied and passed the record. Fans provide that, like Casey wrote, "Tying Willie Mays is kind of a big deal, juice or no juice."

Horowitz will now have the job of deciding if the Yankees have been within reason to deny ARod the $6 million in bonus money that he's earned. We'll wait and see, but if I were ARod, I wouldn't say a single word on the subject until after the decision is made. 

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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