Saturday, May 9, 2015


I’ve been keeping an eye on Greg Bird’s numbers this season.  Yes, it’s probably because I want him to make Tex a former Yankee at some point….settle down Texians, I know Mark has 10 dingers.  I’ve admitted being overly harsh about our All-natural 1st baseman’s abilities.

Tex has found his power.  He is still a sharp defender.  He can pull off the mustache…he still needs to bring the average up…way up, but Tex has been better.  No question and I need to cut him a break…and I have.

Now, back to Bird.  I love this kid’s game.  I truly feel he can be a big piece to the Yankee future.  The current issue is he is scuffling out of the gates this year.  Why?  My theory is that he is a victim of a great spring.  He, like Rob Refsnyder and The Judge, opened a lot of eyes.  They seemed like seasoned Big Leaguers. 

They hit, fielded and handled themselves like they’d been there before…then, they were sent to the farm.  That can mess with a young player’s head.  You think your shot is there for the taking and the rug is “yanked” away by a smirking, little man named Cashman.  Brian seems more suited to help you if your Gmail account was down.  Let’s face it he looks like he worked at the local AT&T store before he became GM.  I can see him now trying to up sell us into buying the iPhone and the “better” gig plan.

Bird, Double R and The Judge may be suffering from a hangover on the farm.  They want the chance now and once again the Yankee brass has told them to wait their turn.  Now, Rob needs more time at 2nd.  Aaron needs to play everyday.  And Greg could also use some fine-tuning.  But make no mistake; these guys are ready to get their chance.  My fear is that this lull in performance will give the powers that be the reasoning to hold these Baby Bombers down. 

Now, Bird isn’t going to take time from Tex yet, but Garrett hasn’t been good.  Double R isn’t a sure hand at 2nd and Jose is back from the DL, but Drew is BEGGING somebody to take his job.  I’d let anyone replace Beltran on this team at the moment.  He just looks old and maybe the game is too fast for him.  No shame there.  Maybe it’s time to hang them up…instead of stealing money the next two seasons.

I hope the youngsters take this as a challenge.  I hope they shake off the hangover and focus on getting to the show.  I want them to be undeniable.  I want them to make Cashman HAVE to stop trying to sell a protective case for your new Droid and bring up the kids.  It can be a frustrating game, but it’s never played on the field alone.  Mental toughness is almost always the difference between being good and being great.

** A few days after the anniversary of the passing of MCA I figured we’d send this one out the Baby Bombers who need to Fight for their Right to Paaaartay in the Bigs!  Here are the one and only Beastie Boys. **

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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