Monday, May 18, 2015


I just need to laugh because Mark Teixeira is predictable. A buddy and I call him porcelain.

Tex apparently hurt his toe. Oh goodie:

"First baseman Mark Teixeira was blasted on the foot by a 95-mph sinker in the fourth inning in Sunday's loss to the Royals and came out in the seventh with what the Yankees called a toe contusion.

X-rays were negative, but Texieria chuckled when asked how the toe felt.

'Yeah, it doesn't feel great right now,' he said.

Teixeira stayed in the game and hit once more but he said it became more sore as the day went, prompting manager Joe Girardi to yank him and plug in Garrett Jones at first.

'He said it was sore, and I just said, 'You know what, Tex, I'm going to take you out',' Girardi said after the game."

That was reporting.

Now, who knows where this story goes from here.  Mark Teixeira has come out for "minor" injuries before, only to sometimes be out for months.  I have no idea how serious this is.  Obivously it's not broken, but it hurts.  OK, well I have back pain but I still go to work. 

What this does do is give Garrett Jones some consistentcy in the lineup and at first base now.  Not that I'm pushing Tex out, but I'm merely suggesting I've been wanting Jones to get hot for the Yanks for some time now... maybe now some extra playing time helps that.

Get well soon Tex.  Do me a favor... don't be gone too long. You've actually been pretty good for us this year.

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