Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The readership of BYB thinks what Mike O’Hara tends to write is Tex Bashing. “The guy LIVES to bash Tex!”  It’s very true.  I went from Boone Logan to Tex in a flash.  Mark has been my target…sometimes for good reason (most times for good reason) and sometimes I’m little tough on him (just sometimes).

Tex got a boo boo on his toes recently and we’ll see if it becomes an excuse.  But for now let’s move on to someone much, much worse.  Stephen Drew is just ridiculous.

He MUST have some incriminating photos of Cashman locked away somewhere to still be in the Bigs collecting 5 million for his “services”.  Which as far as I can tell consist of a decent glove and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE!  We could actually make opposing teams place the ball on a tee for JD’s little brother and he’d still hover around the Mendoza line.

He doesn’t have a hole in his swing; he has a swing in his hole!  Why is he on this team?! Seriously.  Tell me.  Anyone? Bueller?

Is the Yankee Brass just being stubborn that they royally screwed the pooch on this one?  What can they possibly see in this guy?  The Sox are laughing at us!  When Girardi pencils his name in the lineup you KNOW Joe, a good-hearted guy, is saying, “Drew…this really sucks.”

The Yankees aren’t good enough to just let Stephen suck all year.  They have Didi already.  It’s time to bring someone up or teach ARod to play 2nd…I’m kidding of course, but at least in that scenario we’d get the bat with the errors.  Drew is bad.  No, no…he’s is just sinfully lousy.

It’s time to fix this problem.  Eat the 5 million.  You gave it to him, now you can feeling like clowns as you write the check and send him away to spend it on an in house batting cage in Arizona or where ever he calls home.

So Tex, heal up that bruised piggy and keep off my list.  For now I’ll take my swings at Drew.

** Harsh?  Nah.  Here’s one for our Shortstop/2nd baseman.  I’d pencil him in as, and have him walk up to this gem by Pearl Jam. **

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21


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