Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I hated the way things ended last night.

Of all people, it was Ryan Zimmerman to lift the Nationals over our New York Yankees in extra innings.  I didn't see it coming, although, it wasn't out of the ordinary for Zimmerman to do something heroic. Then again... we have Andrew Miller... the guy's been on fire.

Last night, that changed.  Hey, for a baseball guy like myself... it's this "stuff" that makes the sport wonderful.  For me, the Yankee fan, it sucked. It totally sucked. I was shot through the heart.

By the way, the chocolate sauce celebration? Ridiculous. It's like a dessert porno of chubby foodies who like sports... what the hell is going on here? That's another post for another time... and trust me, it's coming. Get it?

The Yankees showed life and fight last night, but don't mess with the Nationals.  The Nats scored first, 2 in the first inning. We scored 4 in the 4th. Chris Young singled in Ellsbury.  Then Chase Headley doubled in a run. Next, it was Stephen Drew knocking in 2.

We scored 2 more in the 5th on a Mark Teixeira 2 run homer. The Nationals clawed back though, scoring 3 in the bottom of that inning. Then another until it was tied up.  At this point, we needed to wait for the 10th.

We did nothing... Zimmerman and the Nationals beat us in a walk-off.  Unreal.

Nothing more to say... oh yeah, there is; Jacoby Ellsbury is on the DL... oh goodie.  Remember when I wrote IT'S BECAUSE OF ELLSBURY THAT WE NEED ICHIRO?

Just sayin'.

Final: Nationals 8 - Yankees 6

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