Saturday, May 2, 2015


Here's what I don't understand about the Yankees perhaps "not wanting" to pay Alex Rodriguez for his 660 home run milestone tying Willie Mays.  If you're gonna gear up for a fight... ignore the home run.

Instead, the Yankees made 1 critical error last night... they tweeted it:
When you do that, you've reached a point where you kind of acknowledged it happened, don't you? Once you do that, and once Major League baseball wallpapers their web page with it and MLB Network runs with it... let's just say you've reached the point where you can't exactly go back on that agreement... you know what I mean?

If you do go back on it, you look bad... very bad.  And hey, I get it, Alex did some pretty stupid things in his career, but the Yankees were at the table the day they reworked that contract, and you knew there was something not so honest about Alex. many were suspicious of him and his days in that Texas Rangers clubhouse... but they made the deal anyway.  That's on them.

If you're truly ready to fight for the $6 million, be dicks about it.  Don't tweet the milestone, and while you're at it, make sure your sister networks do too.

Make sure ignores it in some fashion. Get on the same page. Fight! Instead... they did something slimy.  They chose clicks and alittle publicity to make a few Internet bucks.  Now it's my opinion that it's way too late for the fight now.  Now... you basically tipped your cap to line your pockets... but wait, if you just ignored and fought against it, wouldn't you be better off banking that $6 million? It's confusing.

I wrote this in YANKS BEAT SOX & AROD'S 660,
"In the end, ARod is number 4 on the All-Time home run list.  Say what you will about it, but as long as suspensions are fulfilled and baseball doesn't kick these offenders out of the game, no asterisk will be placed on any of these guy's records.  It's one of those things.  Home runs help baseball, and baseball needs the fans, and so, if the offenders  "serve their time" after a suspension for PEDs... guess what? All is forgotten in baseball. That's because baseball is a business and they need to make money.  Home runs bring in fans and fans have money. You see where this is going..."
It does come down to money. Ultimately, I feel as though ARod wins this battle.  The New York Post thinks otherwise:
Q: Any guess on who would win the case?

A: At this juncture, I’m putting my money on the Yankees. Even though many right-minded Yankees fans publicly have embraced A-Rod, there’s a wide gap between that and investing in memorabilia celebrating his statistical accomplishments.

In the end, it's my opinion that the Yankees need to pay the man.  There is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake with this milestone and embracing it. Why? Because when the Yankees signed Alex Rodriguez, their ultimate goal was to bring the All-Time Home Run record to the Bronx.  So keep it moving. Like Alex or hate him, he served his time and in 2015, he came to play.

Yanks need to pay the man. 

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