Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I love you all and I appreciate you wanting more information on the nugget we gave you about the Yankees and Troy Tulowitzki the other day in TULOWITZKI CHATTER & WHAT COMES NEXT.

Several emails and Facebook Messages and of course Doug Treadway, a BYB reader and Yankee fan and a guy  who is always all over us whenever we report about Troy Tulowitzki stuff:
Like clockwork this guy.  God love him and I appreciate you all for asking, but just a friendly reminder. Bleeding Yankee Blue is NOT in the rumor business and if there's something we find newsworthy, we'll share it, but we are not in the business as reporting rumors all the time for the sake of reporting them, That's bad journalism and it's not what we do. MLB Trade Rumors does rumor stuff.... and good for them.

For anyone just joining us, Bleeding Yankee Blue gave you this nugget the other day:

"According to our source from the winter when we wrote SOURCE: "TULOWITZKI TO THE YANKEES..." back in November, there have been other conversations.  One of them suggests a Yankee person, and trust me, I hate these type of sources because you can't exactly get to the core of it, said in so many words, that they "like Troy alot", but it would need to be the "perfect storm" to get him in New York.  What that storm is, is yet to be seen.."

Since then, there is nothing new to report.  Sorry.  When there is, if there is, you know will know, trust me.

In the meantime, I appreciate you all checking in.  You guys are great.

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