Sunday, May 17, 2015


I like Shane Greene and I was thrilled when he was an up and comer for the Yankees last season.  He gave the team energy.  Then, he was traded in the off season and and all cried foul! We were pissed as fans.

Then, Shane Greene made it all about him.  BYB Writer Jeana Bellezza wrote SHANE GREENE & HIS BITTER YANKEES BREAKUP and wrote:

"Shane Greene is suffering from what I like to call "butt hurt syndrome," read that HERE. The timing on this couldn't be more perfect. First of all we are playing Detroit, so how ironic is that right? (Not really). Secondly, I just gave Didi Gregorius some tough love in THE YANKEES & STATING WHAT'S PAINFULLY OBVIOUS and briefly took a trip down memory lane about how much I missed Greene. Now all of the sudden Greene has a chip on his shoulder and he wants to cry about it so now I am going to call you out on it.  


Harsh? Oh yeah, but it needed to be said.  Now though, something has happened to Shane Greene, he may be hurt.  According to the Detroit Free Press, when Greene pitched the other day there was some tingling in his throwing hand.  Weird.  Hardball Talk writes:

"Tigers right-hander Shane Greene was forced to exit last night’s start against the Cardinals after five innings due to mild ulnar neuritis in his elbow, which is inflammation of the ulnar nerve in the arm."

Then this came out:
So look... we'll monitor it for you. I know there are still some Shane Greene fans out there, no one wants the guy hurt though.

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