Saturday, May 16, 2015


Jorge Posada will always be one of my favorite players, and I have so many memories watching him play throughout the years. There are so many "wow" moments that I watched in awe. Now I have another one, but this one isn't a memorable moment on the field. This one has me scratching my head a little.

So Jorge's autobiography "The Journey Home" was just released and I have been REALLY excited to read his point of view. I knew certain things would be in there like his relationship with Joe Girardi and Derek Jeter and his demotion to a full time designated hitter in his last year. I knew that was coming. I had not completely prepared myself for all of the drama with ARod.

I have always loved Jorge's passion. He doesn't hold anything back and I really respect that. I knew he was going to have some opinions on Alex Rodriguez. He played with him for a long time. He was bound to have his own opinions based on his past and PEDs use. He had an interview where he said very bluntly that he didn't believe that ARod and other PEDs users should be allowed in the Hall Of Fame. Great, that is your opinion. He also went on to say that he was a little bitter that ARod won the 2003 MVP award over him. All fine and dandy. The fact of the matter is he said it very bluntly. I come from the school of thought that you better say what you mean and mean what you say. You can't take it back now! Own it. It is your opinion. You wouldn't have said it with conviction if that isn't how you truly felt. It's not a matter of me agreeing or disagreeing with how he feels.....but now he is apologizing for it? MAN UP, Jorge!

So now there are reports of Jorge sending a text message to apologize to ARod, read that here. Sure, now Jorge feels he was "cornered" into saying that. But it is your opinion, right? If that is how you feel then you really aren't being tricked into saying anything. Don't open that door and then try to take it all back! It's out there. We all know what was said and so does ARod.  Kudos to ARod also for taking the classy way out and saying he accepted the apology and appreciated it. It will be interesting to see how these two interact when Jorge goes back to Yankees stadium this season when the Yankees retire his number.

Everyone has an opinion, and it's OK to share it. I understand how Jorge could feel frustrated and cornered in this situation, but Jorge.....come on. You spent your entire career in New York where you were put in many tough situations with the press. You spent your entire career dealing with it so you should know better! You don't have to have favorable opinions on everyone you played with. If you did, I would call bullshit because everyone has their flaws.

No matter if you didn't mean it Jorge, you can't take it back! So if you have a provocative opinion you better be prepared to back it up, otherwise don't share it. There are so many articles out there but I don't see anyone else taking this angle and I think that is irresponsible, quite frankly. I have no lost love for Jorge, he will always be one of the best players I grew up watching. But Jorge....I feel like you opened your mouth and you insert your foot in this case.

Nothing like a little controversy, eh?

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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