Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Do you remember Led Zeppelin's song Heartbreaker? I do.  I was a young man going to college and I listened to Led Zeppelin alot back then. It was playing in my car during my commute almost every day. 

I remember recording the 45'' to cassette and over time, I wore the cassette out playing it all the time.  In essence, wearing out the cassette was my own heartbreaker. That was the irony of the whole thing.  Eventually I upgraded to CD and then, these days it's on my iPod and I still like the tune, but I hate the feeling of a heartbreak. My memories don't drift though. I remember my commuting days like it was yesterday. And this loss... the loss to the Rays tonight, for some odd reason made my mind wonder to 1990 all over again. Tonight's loss was a Heartbreaker in my opinion... no doubt about it.

I expected more fight. We had a ton of opportunities, but we didn't really have it.  We only scored 2 runs tonight.  Adam Warren was on the hill and he gave up 3 in 7 innings.  For our offense though... we couldn't break through and so, after we scored 2 in the first on 2 singles that scored 2 runs... that was it.  8 goose eggs after that on the scoreboard.  It was brutal.  It was a Heartbreaker.

Damn, I'm flat tonight.  In addition to this loss, earlier tonight my Little League team had their own loss.  A tough one... a heartbreaker because we started so strong, but died around the 3rd and we could not pick up the pace.  So what do I have?  Well... I have a Yankee loss... a League League loss... a memory of a worn out cassette... and a crisp version of Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker on my iPod.

That's it.

We need to do better.  Bottom Line.

Final: Rays 3 - Yankees 2

Time to go listen to Heartbreaker

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