Sunday, May 10, 2015


For anyone who knows me, you know I love Ron Guidry.  As a kid, he was my idol and I became a fan on June 17, 1978. It was then that he struck out 18 Angels, and for me, it was the greatest thing I've ever seen as a kid.  Trust me, at that age, I didn't witness much greatness.  But that day, it made me a Guidry fan for life, to the point where I'd literally throw a baseball over and over and over again, reciting "radio calls" of my own, eventually busting the back out of an old crate I used to throw to. I even went as far as to make pinstripes and a number 49 on the back of an old undershirt and even wear a fake mustache.  Yup... I didn't have many friends, but it wouldn't matter anyway... I wanted to be Ron Guidry and that was the only thing on my mind as a young left handed kid in the suburbs of New Jersey.

Today, history was made, but Guidry's epic day was not disturbed.  I was relieved and yet happy at the same time.  Michael Pineda struck out 16 Orioles batters on Mother's Day.  If there ever was a day that Yankee mothers everywhere could be happy, it was today.

Pineda has been awesome. Today was no different.  He struck out 16, pitched 7 innings and allowed just 6 hits and 1 run. The Orioles other run came off of Esmil Rogers who followed.

The Yankees scored 6 to the Orioles 2 and here's how they did it:

In the 4th, Carlos Beltran hit a home run.  Then Didi Gregorius singled knocking in Chase Headley. After that, Ellsbury doubled and 2 more runs scored.

In the 5th Brian McCann homered. Then in the 7th, Didi Gregorius doubled and another run scored.  Just like that, those are your Yankee 6.

In the end, good things happened.  The Yankees won and Guidry's record was preserved.  That's a win, win for me personally.  Good work Pineda... I'm proud to see you shine kid!

It's about time!

Final: Yankees 6 - Orioles 2

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