Monday, May 11, 2015


David Lariviere wrote another clunker at Forbes magazine about Jorge Posada and the YES Network and their "refusal" to chat about the relationship Jorge had with Joe Girardi.  Now, here's the deal;  I find Lariviere's columns full of zero substance, I find his arguments empty, it's opinions lifeless and I'm thoroughly confused by why he's even IN print.  Provocative is about standing by a hard nosed opinion and sticking to it.  When it comes to Lariviere, there is nothing close to that. In fact, I refuse to link to it. I refuse to give this guy clicks. He's terrible. Don't know what I mean by any of this? Check this crap out:
"YES Network blew it again Sunday when it didn’t address former catcher Jorge Posada’s “cold” relationship with manager Joe Girardi when he was in the TV booth during the third inning of the Yankees’ game with the Orioles..."

As you know, Jorge and Joe Girardi seemed to have a tussle in 2011, and at one point Jorge even looked like he was pouting in the dugout for weeks. We all remember it.  Hey, I love Jorge Posada, but we covered the "alleged controversy" extensively here on BYB.  Read WHY POSADA-GATE WON’T GO AWAY, it's one of many from back in 2011 when I wrote:
" I understand Jorge’s personality and what he’s dealing with. We're practically the same age and we’re probably at the same place in our lives emotionally. I understand his thoughts and his frustration. When he saw the lineup card that day, he saw 9th in the batting order and then he saw red. It wasn’t the place in the order that annoyed him as it was the psychological defeat. It’s like learning you lost your wallet. The blood rushes from your face and you start to think “Was my social security card in there?” You can’t believe what just happened and you panic and get angry.

Jorge Posada is too proud to ever accept defeat and in his anger of the lineup card, he probably stormed into Joe's office and said everything he could think of to make the other party, Girardi and the Yankees, hurt like he was hurting. “I’m not playing” or “trade me” or “I hate you as a manager.” Who knows, the point is he said what he said in a rage. The smartest thing he did was apologize. The best thing the fans did was give him with a standing ovation when he came back, but there is no denying, Mr. Jorge Posada sees the writing on the wall."

What I didn't say too clearly then, and maybe now I will, is that what Jorge and Girardi was dealing with was their business, not mine, not yours, not anyone. Jorge felt squeezed and dealt with it his way.  Girardi and he clearly don't see eye to eye and ultimately, they'll deal with it. I'm no peacemaker, I'm a fan.  And that brings me to this genius at Forbes, David Lariviere. Why would he be asking why YES Network, a network that's clearly not a news outfit and actually a "Yankees Network" say anything about the Posada, Girardi spat? Why in the hell would they do it during the game? Why is that newsworthy at that moment? More: 
"The YES announcers – Michael Kay, Ken Singleton and Paul O’Neill — had ample opportunity to ask Posada about Girardi but instead chose to discuss other non-descript topics such as which of the five world championships he enjoyed the most."
Right dude, celebrate the guy! He was one of the Core Four. His number is being retired this season.  #20 has been taken out of rotation.  There's a reason why... he's a World Champion.  Paul O'Neill isn't exactly an investigative reporter, you know what I mean?

 Here's another gem from this Forbes guy:
"...Posada added he was regretful and expressed it to management but “those sentiments were never returned.” Interestingly enough, the Yanks also dissed another member of four championship clubs – Bernie Williams – by not offering him a contract following the 2006 season and he officially retired earlier this year. For an organization that brags about its class, it’s not the best way to treat two of its best players."

OK... here's a question, does David Lariviere cover sports? Does he read? Maybe watch TV? Because that whole beef with Bernie was squashed just a few weeks ago when he retired a New York Yankee and they're retiring his number too.  The Yankees made it right. Spat's over, bud. What planet is this guy on?

Here's the thing; there are good journalists and then there are guys that just like to get a rise out of people.  While that has happened with me here, I don't know what makes me more mad, the fact that this guy has a job as a contributor at Forbes or that he clearly has NO SUBSTANCE in anything he writes.  Again, why in the world would the YES Network pepper Jorge with hard hitting questions in the booth during a game? Why? Who the hell wants to here that? 

Now I have news for you; If anyone will get that sit down interview with Jorge, it would be Jack Curry of YES. Maybe even Meredith. Maybe they do an hour news show. Maybe Nancy Newman sits down with him for Yankees Magazine., This way, it will be handled professionally, and guess what, Jorge will answer the questions, because Jorge is a tough guy who doesn't shy away from anything.  Hey, maybe Michael Kay interviews him on CenterStage, the correct forum for something like that.  But Lariviere has lost his damn mind if he thinks that's happening in the booth... it's just dumb.

Look, if you want to read his crap, go find it online. I will not link to it on BYB.  Honestly, I just wanted to share some of his ridiculous column and let you know, it's terrible, and it's no way to cover a baseball team, a player or a network.  Next time research. Next time, go to journalism school.

Oh my god.

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