Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I'm honestly not sure.

I was at an appointment when I received this text from my buddy tonight:
"Didi is terrible. You son could play a better short than him."
While that's not exactly true... I knew what he meant.  I do however feel alittle bad for Didi. He was considered a failure before he even set foot in the Bronx, and it was not his fault. The only thing he did was be traded to New York, and asked to play short after Derek Jeter did.  Jesus... you might as well just tell the guy to jump off a cliff.

Here's the reality... if given a chance, and I mean a TRUE chance with no judgement, he'll be fine.  Will we ever get there? Doubt it and  that's terrible. I want this kid to rise above the crap and play good ball.

Anyway. Look... the Yankees lost 7-5 tonight.  Nathan Eovaldi pitched going 5 innings and giving up 8 hits and only 2 runs.  He looked pretty darn good if you ask me.  David Carpenter then came in, pitched 0.1 of an inning, shit the bed, gave up 3 runs and Justin Wilson gave up 2 after him.  Meanwhile, the Yankees were actually up 3-2 until that 5 run 6th by the O's.

The Yanks made their usual late inning comeback in the 8th, scoring 2 runs... but they once again ran out of time.  It seems to be the problem alot lately. Oh wait, they did the same thing last year.  Yeah... we're pretty terrible.

The Yanks for 1-5 with Runners in scoring position tonight.   But Alex Rodriguez had a homer. That's nice. Carlos Beltran doubled knocking in 2. I mean, there were moments... but not enough.

We lost.  We lost again and we continue to lose. The shadows on Joe, that's for sure. Not sure what to make of this.  It's only April. I can't bare to think about how long this season will be.  My goodness.

Final: Orioles 7 - Yankees 5

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