Tuesday, April 7, 2015


You know I think Pete Caldera is probably the most underrated Yankee sports writers out there, right?  Every article has a nugget.  Every story has that quote from a player that you makes you say, "Why don't the other writers present it like Pete?" I've read Pete for years and I'm happy here's doing what he's doing.  He's just that good.

Now I want to share with you Pete's appearance with Keith Olbermann today.  Let me state to the BYB audience that I am not an Olbermann guy  at all.  I find the dude divisive, controversial "on purpose" and an ego-maniac who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. In fact, you'll see a tinge of that in this interview.  But because I appreciate Caldera, a guy who is literally in the trenches of Yankee baseball,  I had to share this interview with you. Pete's my buddy, he deserves the press.

Here it is. Six minutes of Caldera talking New York Yankee baseball right now. Masahiro Tanaka. Alex Rodriguez. Carlos Beltran.  They even talk about his singing. It's good stuff... enjoy it.

And while I have you.  Caldera will be at the Carnegie Club crooning his butt off April 22nd as well as May 22nd.  It's a great night out.  Be there and have a blast!

Good Work Pete, you never disappoint!

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