Saturday, April 11, 2015


Well, it's only Game 5, and to be honest, I shouldn't be aggravated, but I am.  I don't like this team's energy at all.  Sorry... that's just me.

There were positives today.  Adam Warren battled going 5.1 innings.  He allowed 5 hits and only 2 runs.  He struck out only 1 and walked 2. Ultimately, Warren did his job.  The Yankee offense scored a single run in the 2nd, and didn't score again until the 8th. It was then that they showed life, scoring 3, but... and I've asked this dozens of times over the years... WHY? Why do the Yankees wait until they are literally up against the wall to make their come back?  I don't think I'll ever know.  By the way, you think I'm aggravated at the Yankees? Just look at that picture of Adam Warren above.  It's a Saturday game against the Red Sox... and there are a ton of empty seats.  Horrible.

The run scoring went like this... In that 2nd inning it was Didi Gregoirus that sac flied Alex Rodriguez home. 

Then, finally, in the 8th, a mini rally. Chris Young hit a 3 run homer and knocked in Gregoiro Petit and Brett Gardner.

And remember when Warren only gave up 2 runs in his appearance? The other Red Sox runs came off of Justin Wilson, (0.2 IP, 1 run), Chris Martin, (1 IP, 2 runs) and Matt Tracy (2 IP, 3 runs.)

Meh... not thrilled, but we come back tomorrow and try to scratch a win out.  Meanwhile, just wanted to point something out. I'll place this right here...

Carlos Beltran 0-4 today

Final: Red Sox 8 - Yankees 4

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