Monday, April 13, 2015


You know, sometimes you just need a gentle reminder to keep moving. Things get hard, you feel discouraged, and why the hell not just give up? Sometimes you just need gentle words of wisdom to keep you moving. Laura Posada get's it.

I'll be real honest... I adore Laura! She spends so much time on social media... Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... keeping the fans in the loop on all things Posada. But she also spends time motivating us.  Laura became a Certified Master Life Coach and started Clap For Change. A movement... she is dedicated to helping others. As a life coach, she helps people overcome obstacles and get on the right track for success. Now she's got #40ISTHENEW20 . She combined her skills as a life coach, and love of fitness and healthy living.

"Always wear a smile even when you're out of your comfort
zone and see that this small gesture on your
attitude will have a big impact on how you handle
difficult situations." 

- Laura Posada

Laura is a hustler. She is completely dedicated to reaching her goals. She is also dedicated to motivating others to reach theirs. She knows that a positive attitude can get you through obstacles. It's something I teach my kids. You could mope, and complain about everything, or you could smile and conquer it. Either way, you're going to have to get through the obstacle, and a negative attitude could make even the simplest of problems seem almost impossible to overcome.

"Champions don't get discouraged by failure: A champion is not the one that has never had a failure, but instead the one that has raised every time he has fallen, one or one thousand times. They have such a positive attitude toward life that they understand that every failure is a learning opportunity to move forward with a wiser and deeper perspective of life." - Laura Posada, from April 7th Q&A 

Laura is always reminding us to grind it. To continue striving for success and to remain positive through it all. If you haven't check out Laura's website click HERE to take a look. For your daily workout, check out Laura's app HERE. It's definitely worth taking a look. And now, I leave you with this picture of Jorge and Laura, because they are just too gorgeous together.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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