Thursday, April 23, 2015


The Yankees are getting hot right now.  It was nice to see them tag David Price for 6 runs in the first inning.  Sure, Adam Warren gave back 4 pretty quickly, but ultimately he did pretty good in alittle over 5 innings of work.

The Yankees blew the game wide open on what many believe is the beginning of a nice run from the Yanks.  My take is this; if they can consistently beat a tough team like the Tigers, there is zero reason why they can't beat every team out there all day long.  I've said it so many times... they have the tools, they just need to execute.  Hopefully this is the start of something big.  After all, we're about to play the Mets, and while the Mets scare me with their early run... we're a better team.

The Yankee runs went like this:

In the first, we jumped out early. Brian McCann singled knocking in 1. Then Chase Headley singled and knocked in another.

Gregorio Petit then doubled and knocked in 3. Ellsbury then singled and yet another run came in. 6 runs.

In the 2nd there were back to back triples... Carlos Beltran knocked in McCann and then Headley hit in Beltran.

In the 4th, Didi Gregorius doubled and knocked in 2.   Then in the 7th, with the Yankees already dominating, Mark Teixeira homered... it was a 3 run shot and all was right in the world.

It's worth noting, after Warren gave back 4 runs in the first, he and the pen did not give up another run all night.  Bravo to the Yankee pitching.  Everything worked last night... let's ride this wave.

Final: Yankees 13 - Tigers 4

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