Monday, April 6, 2015


I’m not trying to make you wear Bleeding Yankee Blue.   I am trying to convince you that you should. 

We didn’t go crazy this year.  My wife and I evaluated what worked over the past 4 years and we decided on a few products that people really enjoyed.  Some worked over the years, some didn’t. For instance… remember the original ‘What’s your blood type?’ shirt?  That was insanely popular our first year, and so, after many questions on if that one would return… we did it and here it is above.

You can buy this new version of that shirt in our store, HERE.  It’s a better quality shirt and it’s limited this season.  I’m just not that rich.  If you want one, you need to order one, asap.

Also, the women’s tank top was insanely popular.  I’m not gonna lie, I was worried it wouldn’t sell, but I forgot something in my stuper.  We have a huge female readership and so, we are bringing back the Bleeding Yankee Blue Tank Top!

Here’s our pal Becki wearing it when she met Paul O’Neill.  Gotta love that.  You can wear it conservatively, or hey, maybe you want to get more revealing with it.  This is our friend Lisa Varga showing it off.  

 And ladies… remember when I mentioned the high female readership? Well, these underpants fell off a truck.  These are extremely limited.  Almost like an experiment to see if there is any interest at all. 

Nice look, snug, sexy and if you are interested, we have the following sizes...Small, Medium and Large.  Remember, this is an experiment, I have no idea if these are going to fit properly, and feel right, but to me, they look pretty darn hot.

Oh yeah.... and we’re  also offering something else this year and it’s for the kids!

This is a great deal! Plus, you ask, and you shall receive! Yup, fans were asking if we would make kids shirts... and so we went for it! I hope you like these too.

Look, the BYB Store is open, and over all, we have some great products this season, plus, there are others as well.  

Again, if you want to buy, we suggest you do, right HERE!

Enjoy BYB. Enjoy Opening Day... Go Yanks!

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