Friday, April 24, 2015


It's Friday, and on Friday we like to keep it light, despite the fact that the Yankees play the Mets this weekend.

But look, I wanted to share a video with you.  It struck me because this week, I, as a father, needed to make a decision for my own son about the direction he was going in his baseball career.   You see, being judged is something that happens to everyone at some point in their lives.  These days, kids in sports are being judged too early, some as early as 8 years old, in tryouts, or even in practice.  They're type-cast if they're too good, or not good enough. This judgement stays with these kids through their young careers until they fizzle out, rise above it... or quit.

My son doesn't quit. None of my sons do.  But there is no question that with competitiveness among kids and sports these days, it's so outrageous, too much stress... it's gotten out of control.  In short, because of all of this, I pulled my son out of a competitive baseball league. Not because he wasn't good enough, but because he was pre-judged and involved in a team atmosphere that was quickly turning into a prison yard mentality.  I was angry about it. I was disappointed and I was fed up.  I did something that goes against anything my wife and I believe in... we're not quitters, but we are protectors, and when we sat back and recognized the labeling and potential infighting that was happening, encouraged by the coach by the way... we removed our son.  Why? Because he's 12, that's why.

 I don't believe that anyone should be judged for anything they do in their life when it comes to talent or appearance.  Not the first time they are seen and not any time.  That's because if you really believe in yourself, your appearance, your talent... that's truly all you need. Sure, you can always improve... practice is am amazing thing, but how dare anyone look at you and think you aren't up to snuff.  That, my friends, is outrageous and personally, as a coach, as a father... you always have to help kids believe in themselves, because lord knows there's some asshole out there ready to break them down for no real reason.  If they get their confidence though... those assholes fade away.

I only bring this up because I was blown away by this video below. It's titled THE PERFECT BODY and it's a short film about a girl that Tweeted herself to the public only to be judged and crushed by anonymous "judges", the same type of assholes that I deal with on Twitter when I write stories about Alex Rodriguez or because they think Bleeding Yankee Blue is ugly or something. You know, people that do nothing but criticize others, because their own life is miserable.  I don't like that crap.  I despise it.

Check it out.

In the end, this girl realized that changing her appearance didn't make her happy after all.  She liked herself the way she was... and you should too. Don't listen to anyone except yourself or the ones that love you most.

If you like the way you play the game, but want to improve, that's great, but don't do it because some coach with a beer belly thinks you suck.  Do it because you yourself want to get better.  Don't go getting implants because guys like big boobs... enjoy your body... be yourself!

I don't know... it's been an emotional week for me as a father, and this video happened at the right time.  Watch it.  Think about it. Share this post.  Think about your kids.  Think about those people that like to bash others for no reason.  It's silly... ain't it?

Oh yeah... and my son? Within 1 day my son found a new club...a club that respected him for the player he is. Why? Because he loves the game, and ultimately, he wants to continue playing.  He knows he can do it and they know he can help. No negativity... NONE AT ALL can get in his way.  Atta boy son... atta boy.

Believe in yourself... screw the haters... be strong.

Enjoy your Friday.

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