Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I remember when we wrote I TAKE DAVID ROBERTSON OVER CRAIG KIMBREL back in December 2014. I suggested then that Kimbrel had to be the Yankees closer "back-up" plan.  I suggested then that when it came to DRob, loyalty should matter for something, and if the Yankees really wanted to keep consistency in that bullpen, keeping David Robertson would be nice.  Kimbrel, however, was someone that was being talked about... 

"George King III writes:

"Unless the Braves go into a total rebuild mode, and they could, the chances Atlanta would deal Craig Kimbrel, considered by many the best closer in the game, are slim. The 26-year-old right-hander has led the NL in saves the past four seasons, and was an All-Star each year. With $34 million due across the next three seasons, he is affordable considering what Robertson, who has closed one year, is asking. This past season Kimbrel converted 47-of-51 save chances."

Now you may say to me, "Well, after reading that, I'm sold. Get Kimbrel." Well, something sticks in the back of my mind throughout all of this... loyalty."

I also added a piece of video (above) of Kimbrel being heckled by Phillies fans. Not biggie. I didn't invent the video, I just find it funny.

After that post went up, I was crucified by Braves fans telling me that "I didn't know what the hell I was talking about" when it came to Kimbrel, and "Kimbrel is a Brave and the best closer in the game."  I had this exchange with some guy who clearly thought I had it all figured out:

The truth is, I had an opinion. I don't believe what I say is law.  My favorite though was from a fan that told me that there would be "NO WAY IN HELL KIMBREL WOULD BE TRADED OUT OF ATLANTA."  They were Capping me like I do with my headlines. I understood his mocking. It was clever.

Well, all of that stuck with me for months. Then...Craig Kimbrel was traded to the San Diego Padres on Opening Day eve. I'm taking from Hardball Talk and their report:

"...the Braves have traded closer Craig Kimbrel and outfielder Melvin Upton, Jr. to the Padres in exchange for pitching prospect Matt Wisler, minor league outfielder Jordan Paroubeck (link), outfielders Cameron Maybin and Carlos Quentin, and the 41st overall pick (per ESPN’s Keith Law)."

Surprising? Yes. Considering I had even wrote in my original post "Kimbrel's not leaving Atlanta, he's too valuable there."  

But what's this all about? Well, a few things.  First, it's baseball, none of this is that important.  It's a sport man, lighten up.  Sometimes the fans get way too ahead of themselves, some become pretty territorial and many try to take down opinions like mine.  They rip us fans for having our own opinions, or for posting a video that was just considered funny.

What they seem to forget is, sites like Bleeding Yankee Blue, we're fans just like them. Hell, in that piece above about DRob, I stated that I wanted the guy back and he should come back!  Well, DRob didn't come back... and so we move on.

But to the guy who emailed me that "THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL KIMBREL WOULD BE TRADED OUT OF ATLANTA". Well, he was traded out of Atlanta.  Never say never. Because there's a price for every player on the field all the time.  Hell... DRob went to Chicago... and yes, even Craig Kimbrel got traded away.  It didn't matter how good he was in Atlanta. The Braves found the right deal.

Don't be haters... it's only baseball.  Seriously.

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