Thursday, April 23, 2015


Big win today against the Tigers and things are happening in Yankeeland. Ellsbury may be dressed like a superhero, but the stare says it all.  The Yankees CAN win. They WILL win, and they are just getting started.  I guess the lesson is sometimes it just takes time to warm up.  The irony is it was so cold in Detroit, it just seemed like a funny time. No matter, they beat the Tigers in Motown.  It's great for morale.  It's great coming into the Mets series.  Let's do this bitches... 

Masahiro Tanaka had 6 strikeouts in 6.1 innings today.   He was damn sharp and more to his pitching... it's been damn good as he's settling in this year.  For many of you fans that told me back in the beginning of April to let the guy "settle in", thanks for believing... I just get worried about arms.  Yup, so far, so good for Tanaka.  Let's hope it continues. 

Tanaka only gave up 1 run and once again, the Yankees pen, close to the best in the league, shut down the Tigers the rest of the afternoon.  Andrew Miller got save number 6 today.

The Yankees run scoring went simply like this:

 When Brian McCann was up in the 6th, Jacoby Ellsbury was able to score on a balk.  Then in the 8th, McCann grounded out and Ellsbury scored in the process.  That's it ladies and gentlemen... a win is a win is a win.
Final: Yankees 2 - Tigers 1

Tomorrow we start the series against the Mets.  amNewYork asked me for some quotes yesterday and I was happy to give them a few on this upcoming series.  I used phrases like "I'm afraid of the Mets" and "The Mets are good."  The reality is, they are having a great run and I wish them well.  I also suggested that as a Yankee fan it's important we beat them.  The Mets are running high on adrenaline right now.  Here's the difference today though... when I gave my quotes to amNewYork, the Yankees didn't win yesterday yet... and they didn't win today.  Right now, I believe the Yanks have that same adrenaline and I look forward to a great match up.  Bring it.

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