Friday, April 24, 2015


It's a tricky, difficult decision to make and I know you're split on it.  You can go to Yankee Stadium tonight, go watch Bernie Williams officially retire and then throw out the first pitch... then watch the Yankees beat the Mets... OR... go to the Carnegie Club in New York City and watch my buddy Pete Caldera croon his ass off for hours of fun!   I love the Yankees... but I'm a music freak. Tonight, I'm bringing my phone for Yankee updates and I'm going with Pete Caldera.

If you have some time tonight, get to the Carnegie Club and watch Bergen Record, Yankees beat writer Pete Caldera sing all the hits.    The Carnegie Club is on 156 W 56th St in Manhattan.  It's a trendy place full of cigar smoke, great drinks and spirits.  Plus Caldera sings Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, everything.  The guy is amazing. And hey, I'm not the only one that goes to check him out.  Wally Matthews of ESPN NY has been there, in fact most of the writers have been there on more than 1 occasion.
Even Bald Vinny and I were talking about it recently on Twitter.

Find your way to the Carnegie Club tonight. Enjoy yourself.  I have a great time every time I'm out with Pete.  Trust me, it's worth it!

And if you can't get there tonight, Pete will be back on May 2nd.

I support Pete, because he's one of the good ones.  Go have fun.

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