Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Didi Gregorius is getting the crap kicked out of him, mainly because of his defense, but lately all of the above. It's been the chanting of "Der-ek Jet-er" by Yankee fans that are just impatient.  I wrote CHANTING "DER-EK JET-ER" AT DIDI? SHAME ON ALL Y'ALL! April 13th saying simply that we just needed to give Didi more time before judging him. It was unfair.  I also wondered how it would effect his confidence and well being.  

Well, here's an interesting nugget coming from Bryan Hoch.  Apparently Alex Rodriguez is trying to help Didi get passed it.  Cool.  Who do you turn to when you're hated? Another guy that's hated... because he knows how it all works!

According to Hoch, he says of ARod:  "...the Yankees had requested his presence in a coaching role. 

Rodriguez, a two-time Gold Glove award winner at shortstop, offered feedback with infield coach Joe Espada as Gregorius took ground balls and whipped throws across the diamond. Rodriguez said that he sees the natural ability in Gregorius’ game, and that regular practice will be important to iron out the kinks at the position. 

'The one thing about playing shortstop that I tried to convey to him was positioning, cadence and also that internal clock that a shortstop needs... You only get that with preparation and experience.'... 

'Everything he brought up was good,' Gregorius said. 'Just really everything like positioning, timing, anticipation and all that stuff.'

Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he believes Rodriguez’s experience could be a helpful asset as Gregorius adjusts to the American League and to New York."

I like this. I like what's happening here.  I like that Didi is willing to listen and learn and get better for Yankee fans.  And I love that ARod is contributing to helping get Didi better, not just for Didi, but for us fans.

I found this story interesting and wanted to send it your way. That's BYB... we're good like that.

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