Friday, April 17, 2015


Calm down.  Derek Jeter is still the greatest, there is no disputing that.

I had to get something off my chest the other night in reference to Derek Jeter saying he didn't miss baseball at all.  I'm not mad at him, but I do feel as though he should have chose some better phrasing.  In short, it was weird to me.

But let's not get mixed up here ladies and gentlemen. You're better than that.  Making a comment that appears "Douchey" and being an actual Douchebag are entirely 2 different things.  Jeter's no Douchebag. Trust me.  I have complimented this man for years.

He's a role model to my kids and I've written about him constantly here on Bleeding Yankee Blue, as well as in USA Today a few years ago.  You can read JETER, BYB & LOYALTY.

I've received some pretty interesting comments in the past 24 hours. I guess many feel as though they need to defend Derek Jeter, when the reality is, there is no defending... I'm forming an opinion, not attacking anyone. No need to to come to his defense... we're on the same team, remember? Check this one out:
Oh great. Apparently I need to grow up.  Why exactly?  Did I call him a "Poopie face" or something? How about this one:

Now in fairness, me saying Jeter's comment appears "douchey" is an OPINION. Just like when Tara Adams suggested my article, JETER'S COMMENT SEEMS KIND OF "DOUCHEY", "was stupid." That's fair. Trust me, I wasn't passing it off as Hemingway, I was just making a point. There are tons of fans that don't like to hear that he doesn't miss it, because in essence, it comes off as he doesn't miss "us", after all, we were apart of his run for 19 years.

Now, I don't take this Jeter comment personally, and for the record, here's the full quote below. I was merely pointing out my thoughts.

But here's the thing, you guys need to freaking relax.  No one's attacking your golden boy here.  Jeter is still sacred, but even he can say some pretty silly things.  And yes... that's my opinion too.

Jeter's enjoying life after "work", I think we all understand that.  He should enjoy his time, I just think it should have been said alittle differently.

Whatever the case, I'll always admire Jeter. I hope he and Hannah Davis are enjoying themselves.  I mean what's not to enjoy, they have a freaking horse that talks... and sings.

Enjoy your Friday. Chill.

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