Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I like that the Yankees got their victory last night.  I would like it better if we were doing better than .500 this season.  I hate when people say "Well, we're at .500." That just means we suck alittle less than yesterday.  Why NOT first place?  .500 to me just means that we just making it over the hump.  I want to demolish the hump.  I want to go harder... I know I'm not alone.

Nathan Eovaldi started and I really like this kid. He has a ton of upside and we're just scratching the surface. As time goes on, we will see dominance. Again, I really like this guy.  He went 7, he allowed 8 hits and only 1 run.  He was followed by Betances, Chris Martin and Andrew Miller, and dare I say, I really enjoy watching these guys as well.  Sure, once in a while we're gonna let up a run, but for the most part, we have a great pen!

The hitting went like this:

In the first, Mark Teixeira doubled.  A real nice shot scoring Brett Gardner. 

In the 7th, a few bombs, one from Chris Young and one from Stephen Drew.  I'll take it. Then Alex Rodriguez was at the plate when there was a wild pitch and Jacoby Ellsbury scored. 

In the 9th, alittle insurance... Brian McCann reached on a fielding error. Gardy scored in the process.

And that brings us back to .500.  Not ".500 is awesome." I'm saying... it's "Just. 500."  We can do better.

Final: Yankees 5 - Tigers 2

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