Wednesday, March 11, 2015


There is a scene in the holiday classic “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie, Peter Billingsly’s icon character, is trying to tell Santa what he really wants to find under his tree on December 25th.  Only instead of relaying to Old Saint Nick that he wants an OFFICIAL RED RIDER CARBINE ACTION 200 SHOT MODEL AIR RIFFEL (Excuse me while I take a puff from my inhaler) he blurts out…a football.

That’s when his internal monologue takes over and yells, “I WAS BLOWING IT! BLOWING IT!  WAKE UP, STUPID! WAKE UP!!”  I have to hope that Yankee skipper Joe Girardi’s inner voice is also crying out in a panic!  WHAT IN THE NAME OF Saint Mantle is he doing?! 

He has already named Stephen Drew the starting 2nd baseman? What? Really? Why? Huh? Seriously? JD’s kid brother? At second? The guy who hit .162 last year? The guy the Sox avoided until they had no choice? Stephen Drew, that’s Stephen with a P H? WAKE UP STUPID!  YOU’RE BLOWING IT!

We have 2, that’s 2, talented, young hopefuls who brought their “A game” to Tampa and so far, early I grant you, they are hitting the same Spring pitching Drew is not.  IT IS TIME TO BRING UP THE KIDS!  I want to hear the Creatures screaming REF! PIRELA! BIRD! JUDGE! NOW!!  Yep, it may be early, but we have seen Drew play and “hit”.  Why dash the rooks’ hopes in week two of the spring camp?  Why? It’s because we’re the New York Yankees version 2014 again.  We use the older, past their prime dogs and refuse to change. 

It is getting older than watching Tex not bunt against the shift and tell us that, “My job is to hit the ball out of the ballpark.”  No, Mark.  At this point we’d take just hitting the ball.

So now Drew is at second until he blows it…and he will.  So why wait? Does not having Spring Training really drop you to a .162 hitter?  Nah, it may hurt you, but that’s Boras trying to salvage some type of deal for his EXTREMELY over paid client. Period.

(In Photo: Rob Refsnyder)
The Kids are showing that they want in, and they want it NOW.  I love it!  Turn it over to them.  Let them run! It’s time! What are we holding on to?  Jeter is gone.  Mo is building churches in Panama.  O’Neill is in the YES booth.  Andy is watching his sons play high school ball.  Jorge is at home screaming at the TV!  It is time for NEW NEW YORK YANKEES!  This announcement just made the record skip at a great, little Spring Training party.  The kids were doing their thing and fans were starting to believe in hope again…way to be, Joe.  Nice call. I always back you, Skipper…but wow.  That’s an awful call from the binder.


--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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