Monday, March 16, 2015


Quick note about Tony Clark of MLB's Players Association... ARod is forgiven.

Eric Boland of Newsday writes: "The lawsuit is in the past, and so is any lingering bad blood between Alex Rodriguez and the players association.

'Alex has been a member, continues to be a member of our organization,'' MLBPA executive director Tony Clark said Sunday after addressing Yankees players, a group that included Rodriguez. 'We'll continue to defend and protect his rights the way we would any player. He's a part of the fraternity, indifferent to any of the challenges that may have taken place over the last few years... our relationship goes back 20-some years, so we have the ability to pick up the phone and talk through things despite the window of time there were some challenges. We're good... 

We've spoken quite a bit of late, particularly as he got back into camp and was settling back in, and I'm assuming we'll continue to as things move forward.'''

It's just good to see that we're all moving on now.  That's it.

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