Monday, March 23, 2015


He gets an A for effort, but it's unfortunate.

Jose Pirela has a concussion.  Yesterday we reported how the Yankees couldn't score a run off the Mets and CC Sabathia was questioned on whether or not he is capable of leading the Yankees club in 2015.  The reality of that is, I personally still think he can... but many fans are worried about CC.  He gave up 3 home runs in 2 2/3 innings.

You can read that commentary in YANKS BLANKED & YOU GOTTA WONDER ABOUT CC. It's not harsh, it's honest.

What I didn't tell you was in that game, Jose Pirela got hurt.  According to ESPN:

"Jose Pirela sustained a concussion after crashing into the center-field wall on a play in the first inning that ended up an inside-the-park home run for the New York Mets' Juan Lagares.  Lagares' drive off CC Sabathia -- the left-hander's third pitch of the game Sunday -- was just out of Pirela's reach on the warning track. The center fielder's momentum carried him into the wall, where he appeared to crash face-first. Pirela then fell and hit the back of his head on the track. He tried sitting up but went onto his back.

 Pirela, who complained of dizziness, was taken by ambulance from the complex to Tradition Medical Center, where a brain CT scan and a cervical MRI both came back negative and he was released from the hospital. But he does have a concussion, the Yankees tweeted. He will be out an indefinite period."

It goes back to what Erica Morales put together for us earlier today on Bleeding Yankee Blue, WHEN FOLLOWING DREAMS TURNS TRAGIC .  You want these guys to fight hard and work toward their goals, but you never want to see tragedy.  It's a wicked balance between determination and knowing your limitations.

It's an unfortunate story about what happened to Pirela.  Wish the guy well.  There is no question many Yankee fans are pulling for this dude.

Get well soon, big guy.


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