Friday, March 27, 2015


Quick, short note and post... partially because there isn't much to say and partially because I'm fielding hate mail right now from foolish people who don't like to actually read content and instead, read headlines. For the 10th time... I don't hate Derek Jeter, silly.

Anyway, according to Bryan Hoch, Masahiro Tanaka gets the Opening day nod:

I'm glad.  Now I wonder if CC Sabathia will be our number 2, or will it be someone like Michael Pineda? I guess we wait for that announcement next.

OK, anyway, just wanted you all to know.  Now I go back to my mail, deleted what I find silly, documenting what I find scary... all because writing JETER'S BIG MISTAKE in my title earlier today doesn't fly with some.  I guess Jeter is a prophet or something.

Dumb... dumb people.

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