Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Masahiro Tanaka struck out 7 and went 4 3/4 innings today.  If you're worried about his elbow, we don't need to be worried yet.  That being said, I'm still on pins and needles with this guy.  I'm wondering if Tommy John surgery will just spring up sometime in May, maybe June.  I worry a lot. I guess I should just shut it and watch some ball and try to enjoy myself.

The Mets hit today, no question. The Yankees didn't, and yeah, Tanaka looked good as he airs it out. He gave up a homer. Nothing to be alarmed at. Dellin Betances gave up a homer too.   The Mets offense was just better,

When it came to our offense, there wasn't much there.  As my friend Chet said, "You can not care all you want. I get it, it's Spring Training, but they lost to the Mets." 

Skip Chimed in... "Right around now they DO need to start winning."  

How do I feel about it? I see their points.  Trying new grooves and adjustments is still technically part of the Spring Training ritual at this point. But yeah, they do need to start picking up the pace a bit. Chase Headley had a double today and one of the Yankees RBIs.  Nick Noonan knocked in the other.

Overall, not a huge showing by our bats... don't panic. I'm not, not yet, and I panic about everything.

Mets win this one, Yanks lose... and Tanaka looked good.

Final: Mets 7 - Yankees 2

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