Wednesday, March 18, 2015


For many of you young people, you have no idea who Henny Youngman is.  Well, he was a comedian and he was very funny for his time.  He's also long gone, passing in 1998.  He was famous for his wife jokes..."Take my wife... PLEASE! My wife said to me, take me someplace I've never been... I said how about the kitchen."  He was a pisser... and that brings me to that headline above.  I know you didn't get it... that's why I explained Henny Youngman.

It turns out, according to, the Phillies are willing to pay a team to take Ryan Howard.  How do you like that? Read this:

"Howard is not, will not be and arguably never was the guy worthy of a $125 million extension in 2010, and the Phillies acknowledged as much in trade talks this winter, telling (uninterested) teams they're willing to swallow a significant sum of the $60 million still owed to Howard over the next two years. Word is, the team would be willing to take on somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million. "

Think about that for a second. Is it worth it for him to be  DH somewhere? Sure, but where?

A few years ago, my buddy Scott and I were talking about Howard and both of us were convinced he'd be a Yankee at some point because that's what the Yankees do, or did... spend on old players. 

 Luckily for us, the Yankees first baseman won't ever be Howard.  If all goes well, it will be Greg Bird.

Maybe the Yankees are smarter than we all think.

Anyway... I just wanted to share this nugget. I found it interesting.

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