Thursday, March 12, 2015


Can we stop already?  I've noticed all these "competitions" for 'Who will be winner?' of roles forming from the media. Almost all of them involve ARod.  It's clear they're selling papers on ARod's behalf. It's silly.

No, Alex Rodriguez is NOT competing against Chase Headley for 3rd base.  Headley is the third baseman.

No, Alex Rodriguez is NOT competing against Garrett Jones for the Designated Hitter spot.  He and Jones will split the role.  It's a righty / lefty strategy, depending on who's starting that day for the other side.

Trust me. There is no controversy right now. Alex Rodriguez is a New York Yankee.  Everyone needs to relax and let it happen.  Please.

Now, I'm not fan of ARod.  I am a fan of Baseball and the Yankees. All I want is for ARod to contribute and help the Yankees win. That's it.  I believe that the media and fans have made this "hate mongering" against ARod so great, that now outlets can just print whatever the hell they want, knowing it will sell, not caring about anything else.  I'm here to say, let the guy play for crying out loud.  Love him or hate him, he's in the lineup.  Forget it already.

It's stuff like this that I don't understand:
I mean, sure, maybe the Yankees don't like him, but the Yankees also need the guy and they know it. They also have a ton of money invested in him, so dumping him for $61 million, or whatever it is, doesn't make sense.  It's like what that stupid Forbes piece did this past winter... trying to cause controversy: "YANKS TO RELEASE AROD" STORY WITH ZERO DEPTH
"... if he’s hitting .220 with a homer and 10 RBI in the middle of May, the real plan is to hand him his walking papers by Memorial Day and eat the remaining $60 million or so on his contract which runs through 2017."
The dumbest thing I've ever read. No source, no nothing. Sorry to put you through that.  The point is, it's the media that's blowing this up.

Over the past 2 weeks there is less of a 'hate machine' by fans toward ARod, and trust me, the players definitely do not HATE Alex.  As a team unit... they just want to get along and play... they have a common goal... win it all.  The hate comes from the media, like the Daily News and some others.

It's these silly hashtages like #ARodWatch.  What the hell are we watching? ARod play baseball? Well, that is his job. Isn't he a baseball player?

The media needs to let it go. There is no competition. There is no nothing.  Even Garrett Jones said it best the other day:

 Jones said, 'in a perfect world,' both he and A-Rod are swinging the bat well and helping the Yankees win. That nugget was from THIS IS WHY I LOVE GARRETT JONES...

So, I ask you... can we just play ball?

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