Friday, March 13, 2015


It was a Twitter battle of who's following who, and when... AND "Wait... did you just unfollow me???

Yup. The first thing that happened was we here at BYB complimented Ryan Ruocco on a job well done earlier this week when he did play of play with Kenny Singleton. He did a great job! We had to let him know.  We opened the door and the communication started.
Then this morning... big news... Ruocco decided to follow us on Twitter. Or so we thought. I was pleased.  I like the guy, and so, I followed him back.

Then suddenly, I noticed my follow list was suddenly minus Ruocco.  "Oh..." I'm thinking... "The dude got too big for his britches already?" What's up with that?"
And so, me, never shying away from a spar... I engaged my new buddy.
Ruocco is a stand up guy and I have to admit, I appreciate the dialog. Turns out it was an APP issue (Come on Ruocco, you're better than that) and he followed or unfollowed us... or something. It appears he was confused.
Doesn't matter... we talked it out... and now the ESPN and YES Network guy is following us again. I appreciate that.  Me, in turn... re-followed him.

I encourage you all to follow Ruocco. He Twitter is @RyanRuocco.

I like Ruocco. He works hard. He deserves everything coming his way. I look forward to interviewing him this season on Bleeding Yankee Blue. What do you say Ryan?

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