Thursday, March 19, 2015


Not exactly the title you were expecting, but it was like that tonight... I swear.

Esmil Rogers has been good this Spring, but not tonight against the Phillies.  Stephen Drew is never good... but he's been hitting pretty well this Spring.  These 2 players are confusing us fans right about now...

"Can these 2 men share a spot on the Yankees roster... without driving the fans crazy?" 

Yup, it's from the Odd Couple open from long ago... I just changed some of the words.  What can I say... I'm tired and I got nothing tonight... I'm out of gas.  It's a Spring Training game and the Yankees lost.  Not alot to say... and so, I'll say alittle.

Esmil Rogers is still gonna get his shot to make this Yankees rotation.  Every once in a while there's a bad outing. Tonight it was Esmil's turn.

Drew, who is the Yankees second baseman could literally lay an egg, but it wouldn't matter, he is the Yankees second baseman. Tonight he had an RBI double.

What else happened tonight? Chase Headley hit a home run. It didn't matter, the Yankees weren't great tonight... losing 7-3 against the Phillies.

Hey... it happens... it also doesn't count... don't get nuts.

Final: Phillies 7 - Yankees 3

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