Saturday, March 21, 2015


Yanks win another. Another Spring Training game that means nothing.  The only important part of this scenerio is that the Yankees are playing well... clicking... bonding and getting ready working out the kinks.  The score does not matter!  Now that that's been established... ISN'T THIS EXCITING?

Michael Pineda pitched today and struck out 6. Once again, the dude looked good, he just struggled in the first, but recovered. More on that in a moment.

The big news apparently wasn't so much that Gardy was 4 for 4 hitting for the cycle or anything like that. That didn't happen. What DID happen was that Gardy climbed over the wall to help out Chris Young who lost his glove trying to bring back a home run.

Now, you can claim it was reported by LoHud or some of the other publications first, but it wasn't.  It was reported by my friend Lisa Varga who went to the Yankee game today in Tampa.

You remember Varga, we wrote about her in SHOOTING FOR THE STARS.

Lisa Tweeted it:
She also met Chase Headley:
But that's a post for another time. Why she is NOT wearing my BYB tank at the Yankee game is beyond me!

I should have had her sign a contract. Anyway...

Other highlights were this... according to LoHud:

"The Yankees rallied for a 3-2 win against the Astros, relievers Andrew Bailey, Andrew Miller and Justin Miller struck out two batters apiece, and Pineda pitched well yet again. He was hit hard a couple of times in the first inning — including that two-run homer just out of Young’s reach — but he adjusted to rack up six strikeouts with no walks through 3.2 innings."

For the record, Chad Jennings meant Justin Wilson above. Miller was a mistake and  I won't break his chops, everyone makes mistakes.  I hyperlinked Wilson's numbers on his name for all of you to see.

Overall, a nice day, nice win, for everyone one on the Yankees...

And even Lisa Varga.

Final: Yankees 3 - Astros 2

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