Wednesday, March 18, 2015


We Yankee fans all like Jacoby Ellsbury, but one of the things that we worried about the day his signed his monster contract with the Yankees was injury.  Well... injury is here. Just how serious? Check this out.

Wally Matthews of ESPN put out this Tweet yesterday about Ellsbury. Notice my obnoxious response Tweet:
Now, that wasn't toward Wally, I like Wally. That was toward the way GI Joe handles the media and injury with his players. He appears to over do it when injury is more serious than he lets on about. Not sure if this falls into that category, but I am always suspicious, put it that way.  You know, it always seems like it's not a big deal... until it is. Turns out, Ellsbury won't miss much time. CBS Sports writes:

"He didn’t rule out Ellsbury missing up to a week."

OK then.

Joe Girardi has stated he's not too concerned about the injury.  But as we all know Yankee fans... it's Jacoby Ellsbury we're talking about. Baby steps.

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