Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I'm a Guinea.

I was confused today.  In the hustle of New York City, walking through the crowds of grown men literally wearing Leprechaun outfits, and drunk young women with their cleavage hanging out of their green shirts... yup, I looked...  I was checking my Twitter feed too, and there it was.  "Happy Saint Paddy's Day.

Now I've seen both 'Paddy' and 'Patty' before and I just figured somewhere down the line, someone forgot how to spell. Kind of like people have done with the color Gray.  Yup, that's right, it's GRAY, not 'Grey'... wake up.  

Same with 'Trader' and 'Traitor'.  If you make a mad dash for another club... for money, like say Jacoby Ellsbury did, Bawston got on his ass... they called him a 'Trader', you know... someone who trades... a merchant. 

What Ellsbury should have been called was a 'Traitor', a person who betrays another.  I mean, even that's a stretch, but OK.  The point is many got it wrong. And that brings me back to St Paddy's Day.  Which was it?  My Italian mind started to wonder.   When I got a moment... I googled it.

It turns out the proper term is 'Paddy'. 

Paddy is derived from the Irish, Pádraig: the source of those mysterious, emerald double-Ds.
Patty is the diminutive of Patricia, or a burger.

Now, that comes from a site called PaddynotPatty.com and just to be fair to the word and the holiday, I needed to go further. Why? Well, clearly that site is in support of Paddy... and me being Italian, I put on my journalism cap and looked for an objective site... for fairness.

Wikipedia has Paddy too. I was finding my way through this landmine of Irishisms.  Again, as an Italian, I think about other things... making sure my meatballs have pork, chuck and veal in them. Playing Bocce over the Memorial Day weekend and watching Rocky as much as possible. I never thought about 'Paddy' before.

From now on, I'm going with Paddy.  Now, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with saying Happy St. Patrick's Day.  That's is totally correct... but Paddy... that appears to be the popular choice.

I hope all you Micks have a great St. Paddy's Day.  Be Smart, be safe and don't get too crazy. 

I say that with love. 

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