Thursday, March 12, 2015


Every year the trade rumors start flying about the Yankees potential targets. Being the Yankees and their seemingly never ending willingness to open the check book, they are always involved in rumors surrounding the top available trade options. As was written earlier this week, the Phillies are looking to shop Cole Hamels, a top quality, reliable left hander. I’d love the Yankees to have a lefty starter of his caliber, especially with Chris Capuano getting hurt yesterday, but not for their asking price! No way!

As was reported here on BYB, the Phillies rumored asking price includes top pitching prospect Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Rob Refsnyder. On top of that, the Yankees would have to pay a 50-percent tax again, making him a $36 million 30-year-old pitcher this year.

Now some people will disagree and I respect that, but there is no way in hell the Yankees should give up three of their better prospects in order to obtain a 30 year old pitcher with that salary! If it were someone along the lines of a pre-injured Jose Fernandez... talent who is young (22 years old), Major League experienced, inexpensive, I’d say that would be something that has to be considered.

The Yankees have, over the last 15-20 years, been known to go after all the big name free agents and players on the trade market. They have given up numerous prospects and it caused a bit of a demise in the system. In turn, there is a ripple effect. Since they do not have the Major League ready talent in the minors, they have to resort to opening that big checkbook and outbidding other clubs for contracts that are longer than they should be. Not to mention all the compensation draft picks they have given up in order to sign some of these guys. Now, as we’ve seen over the last few seasons, the Yankees roster more resembled your local VFW softball team than it does a group of top athletes in their prime... no offense to any VFW softball teams.

While going after Hamels would of course give them a better chance of winning this season, it would again hinder their ability to produce talent of their own. How’d the Yankees begin their run in 1996 to multiple World Series Championships? They drafted, signed and produced talent; Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Bernie Williams specifically. They need to do that again. 

Now there is a chance, possibly a likely chance, that the Bombers could struggle some over the next season or two as we wait for several big contracts (i.e. Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia) to expire. But,  for the good of the organization, they need to keep their prospects, let them develop and become the next  home-grown Yankee studs. That’s how you start a new dynasty.

So for all the fans out there that want the Yankees to win today, I applaud that. Of course we all do. However, with the emergence of the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa’s ability to produce solid rosters, the Blue Jays willingness to spend money and the Red Sox talented roster and system, bottom line, we need to build for our future. 

So Mr. Cashman, you and Hal have done a pretty good job this off-season being a little more conservative, and I for one commend that. But let’s keep this debatable trend going and keep the prospects! What do you say?

Dan Lucia
BYB Writer
Twitter: @DManLucia


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