Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I've noticed no real Alex Rodriguez drama this spring.  None.  Zero.  Besides him come to camp early, allegedly angering Yankee brass for not giving them a heads up (That didn't really happen ladies and gentlemen), he's come, hit the ball, hit 3 home runs, played alittle 3rd, DH'd and even played first.  In other words, he's done everything right.

What will the media write about?  Well, the New York Daily News guy Bill Madden must be going crazy. He's always had a hard-on for ARod and his "Drug use". Ironically, Madden's son is having alleged drug problems of his own. Seems hypocritical. The point is, sports writers don't know what to write about when it comes to ARod these days. Well, I stand corrected. Leave it to Bob Raissman of the Daily News to come up with something really, really dumb:

" Anyone else wondering why Alex Rodriguez did not perform in the Yankees’ recent video re-enactment of the Babe Ruth scene from the 1993 movie “The Sandlot?”

Well as Jack Woltz, the big-shot studio boss in “The Godfather,” might say: “You don’t understand. A-Rod never gets that movie. That part is perfect for him.”

Indeed. An appearance by Rodriguez in the video would be tantamount to Yankees brass giving him their true stamp of approval and officially welcoming him back into the fold as a member in good standing. It would also further soften Rodriguez’s tainted image, placing him smack in the middle of a singular group of players the organization has left to market."

Hmm.  Or, how about this, Bob. If ARod did that video, he would have been further crucified by the media for "fooling around" when he "should have been working to get back into the good graces of the fans and Yankee brass."  You know that to be true, Bob, because that's what you guys do.

Raissman is grasping at straws here. I'm sure there will be more just like this in the days to come.  It's downright ridiculous.  Let's think; Anyone want to question why Masahiro Tanaka or Mark Teixeira or Garrett Jones weren't in the video? No question they could have fed Tanaka a few English lines... it would have been hilarious!  But no... it's ARod that gets heat for actually doing the right thing to stay out of trouble.

Let me guess, Raissman's theory is, "Alex Rodriguez could have played Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez... get it?"  Actually... I don't.

Look, I'm not an ARod guy. I never was.  I was always a Derek Jeter guy who admired the incredible abilities of ARod.  These days though, I'm disappointed in the man.  I am NOT however, a hater.  And when you look at the big picture, a guy who actually is doing the work and trying to better himself in pinstripes as he winds down the next few years, I see a man just doing his best to NOT be ARod.  You follow what I'm saying?  I see a guy who just wants to try to play ball and help his team win.  For many fans, the haters and non-haters... we just want the guy to help the Yankees win too.

That's what it's about these days, that's all that matters in that ARod saga.  No made up stories by Bob Raissman.  Just the Yankees, winning and ARod contributing.  Everything else... it's just crap.

Can't we get passed it already? Honestly.

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