Sunday, March 22, 2015


I think it was pretty evident that what Brett Gardner did yesterday, climbing over the wall to collect Chris Young's glove was unsettling, but it wasn't wrong.  And the fact that the New York Media is making a story out of the fact that Joe Girardi wasn't happy about it... is just plain silly.  Why? Because it happened and it's over... let me explain.

If you don't know the story, it went like this; Chris Young was trying to catch a home run and in the process, his mitt went over the wall.  Brett, being the type of guy that wants to get things done didn't want to wait for people to go and retrieve the glove.  As it's being reported, "'We’re working on pace of game in spring training, and Chris Young was like, ‘Uh, you think I should jump over there?’ ” Gardner recalled. “And I said, ‘If you’re not going to, I am, because we’re going to be waiting 10 minutes on somebody to go all the way around and go get your glove.’ ”

Makes sense.  Here's what I don't get.  What do I care that Joe Girardi was upset about it AFTER THE FACT? I mean, who cares?  Maybe Brett picked the wrong time to be Superman, but you know what? Joe's job as a Manager is to have that discussion in the clubhouse, not fire a shot to the media to get a message to Brett and the other players.  What's done is done... move on. Joe, we have other problems... seriously.

As it's also being reported: "Gardner, smiling, downplayed the injury risk. 'Nah, I wasn’t worried about that,' he said. 'The fence wasn’t that high. It wasn’t like I was jumping over the Green Monster or anything. Yeah. Whatever. I’ve done it before.'”

This isn't a story, ladies and gentlemen.  It's only a story if Gardner gets hurt.  Sure, we reported the fence jump because it happened. We ignored the Girardi part initially in PINEDA CRUISES, GARDY CLIMBS & YANKEES WIN because to me personally, it was unimportant after the fact.  Today however, after emails asking why I ignored it... well... I needed to let you all know why. 

I'm good like that.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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