Monday, March 16, 2015


David Robertson has spoken and I appreciate it.

As many of you know, I am not a DRob hater. I appreciate David very much, I always have. He was a solid pitcher for us, and I appreciate Erin as well.  What I didn't like was the tone of a quote he made in reference to the Yankees "clean cut" image.  It was a story that Bleeding Yankee Blue didn't invent.  It was a story that ESPN ran with. It was a story that CBS Sports then printed. And yes, as a Yankee fan blog, it would be irresponsible for us NOT to cover it.  And so... we did.  Here's the difference though;  As a Yankee fan site, a place where fans come to read about their Yankees, current and former, it's would have also been irresponsible if we didn't report DRob on the record after the story came out.  And so, we will... now.

David wrote us back in reference to our recent piece titled: WE GET IT DROB... YOU DON'T LIKE THE YANKEES.

He tweeted this last night:
I like it. I like it because he needed to remind Yankee fans of that.  Many times the New York media will blow things up. The reality is, if you looked through the Chicago publications, this story doesn't exist.  But because it's a former Yankee, the New York pages light up.

Now, again, I didn't invent this story. I merely made it pop from the Internet to your computer.  The reality is, I am on record on this site as always admiring and rooting for DRob.  Not only that, we've donated to High Socks for Hope and like I've stated before, as individuals, I believe he and Erin are tops.

But if you really want to get down to the nitty gritty of it, Yankee fans can also feel as though certain words and phrases toward his former team seemed divisive.  It wouldn't be wrong for me to think that... it would be an opinion... and that's OK.  Look, even DRob is entitled to say it's just "people" that are "looking for a story."  Sure... Touche'.

Here's the bottom line though.  DRob is good people.  Opinions? They are vast. People disagree all the time.  But what's this all about? Standing up and getting the guy on the record. David did that with that tweet he send us above.  And I will always respect that!  That's why you're reading this and that's why you come to BYB.

As a fan, I'll always root for David, even in Chicago. Just not when he's pitching against the New York Yankees.

As a journalist though, I like to report the nuggets... and this story about DRob not liking the Yankees hair policy was a great nugget and I had to put it out there... just like the major news outlets did.  Here's the difference... we're a fan site, so maybe that's why David felt the need to clear things up.

My respect has grown more for DRob today.  I appreciate him correcting the record.  He's a good egg... we wish him well.

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