Monday, March 9, 2015


To be honest, there are tons of players that have zero issue with Alex Rodriguez, so technically this isn't a story.  What might be a story is the nugget that George King III planted in his piece the other day.  More on that in a moment...

Look, many of us love Francisco Cervelli.  These days he's a Pittsburgh Pirate and I hope the plan is for the guy to play more. I always loved the guy's passion and now he's not held back because of guys like Brian McCann or former Pirate catcher Russell Martin. Remember, Martin's gone.

Now the New York Post's George King had a good piece about Cervelli. I have no beef with King or the piece. In fact, I have mad respect for King, he always does it right. I found this little nugget interesting, and I did not know about it, or maybe I just misremembered... I'm a busy guy.

"It was widely believed, but never entered into Rodriguez’s hearing, that Rodriguez ratted out Cervelli and other players to Biogenesis investigators.

'I haven’t talked to him, but I don’t hate anybody,' Cervelli said. 'If I see him tomorrow, I will say hello.'"

Here's the part I like best.  Cervelli, who always appeared to be a straight shooter to me, knows it was wrong to take PEDs, got caught and the end result is, this is much bigger than ARod "ratting him out."  It's more about Cervelli making a public announcement... "it was wrong in the first place"... it's just unspoken. In other words, ratting him out put him on the straight and narrow.  Or.. maybe I just think too much.

Now guys like Brendan Kuty of will make this a controversy, and that's just to sell papers.  Headlines like "How did Alex Rodriguez break year-long silence with Francisco Cervelli?" and using charged phrases like "Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli may never be close friends again" and "the pair stopped speaking".  Really? it... but is that really true?

Here's the reality.  It's baseball season. It's back.  Cervelli served his time after being suspeded and ARod did his as well.  At this point, it really makes no difference who ratted out who. Both were's over.

Here's what Cervelli said about the alleged silence between the 2:

"I don't know why everybody's wondering what's going to happen... everybody asked me and I told them: It's over. It's all over. It's in the past and it happened two years ago and I've moved forward already."

And the media should move on too.   It's way, WAY over.

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