Thursday, March 12, 2015


No... he didn't eat Captain Crunch... yet, I know he likes that once in a while.

CC pitched a simulated game today. Yahoo!

According to CBS Sports:

"The Yankees left-hander threw 29 pitches broken down into two innings during his first simulated game of spring training Thursday...'I’m not hurt. I feel good. That’s the only way I’m judging myself right now,' Sabathia said. 'I’m encouraged.'

 Sabathia was seen bending over a couple times after his outing. When asked why, he said it was 'hot.'”

Look, if CC is able to pitch like he did when he showed up in the Bronx, I love it, more power to him and great for us fans.  As you all know, we'll be seeing Masahiro Tanaka pitch tonight against the Braves.  He too is important in this entire puzzle.

 If these 2 guys are in solid form... we got something big.  Throw in a healthy Michael Pineda and Nathan Eovaldi ... and I don't care if my mom's the 5th starter. That's a solid 4.

Bring it you big lug!

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