Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's been a while since I said "CC Monster". But CC Monster was back tonight!  In 2 innings of work, Sabathia struck out 2.  He said he felt good.  Over all, he looked good.  Tonight was a positive step forward.

As far as hitting, the Yankees scored 2 tonight in their loss to the Blue Jays.  According to MLB.com:

"The Yankees first got on the board after Garrett Jones walked with one out in the second and scored after consecutive singles by outfielder Chris Young and middle infielder Stephen Drew...

Toronto starting pitcher Drew Hutchison went four innings in the win, throwing 60 pitches and allowing a pair of runs on four hits and a walk. During his fourth and final inning, New York first baseman Mark Teixeira launched a solo home run to center field in his second at-bat of the game."

In the end, was it a loss for the Yanks? Yes.  Does it count? No.  Did good things happen tonight? Yes, CC pitched and he's back... and Mark Teixeira hit a homer... and didn't pull a groin. Mike O'Hara of BYB is happy and I'm happy he's happy. BYB Writer Jeana Bellezza is happy too... trust me. See how it all comes together? One big happy BYB family.

Final: Blue Jays 4 - Yankees 2

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