Monday, March 9, 2015


So where's the positive story coverage about Alex Rodriguez? You realize he's actually hitting, right? And when he's hitting, he's knocking in runs and the Yankees are actually winning.

That means he's producing... and now I guess the haters are lost... not sure what to do or say.  I mean sure, they can yell and scream and say, 'Well, Alex Rodriguez is supposed to hit home runs and he hasn't done that yet... and so he sucks." Right. Got it. He can't win, I guess. Whatever man.  Like I said, haters can hate and they'll never change their tune. All I'm saying is, the guy is at least hitting the ball, and for that, myself and many Yankee fans are satisfied.  And so... baseball goes on.  Oh... here's that positive coverage of ARod news from AP:

"The number of fans booing when Rodriguez is announced for plate appearances has diminished, and he was been greeted mostly by cheers."  That's all you're gonna get, I guess.

The Yankees beat the Rays in a Spring Training game today. There were a few highlights that I wanted to point out.

Michael Pineda started and only gave up 1 hit in 2 scoreless innings.  Nathan Eovaldi pitched too.

I like this kid, and we got a glimpse of our buddy Chris Martin.  You can read Bleeding Yankee Blue's interview with him here... EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CHRIS MARTIN. Very likable.

Of course, ARod was 2-3 and he singled in a run today.  As the News & Observer wrote:

"Against a shift in the fourth, Rodriguez singled through the vacated second base spot. He flied out in the sixth and is 4 for 9 in four exhibition games."


Don't look now... but the Yankees are winning and it's happening with a mix of youth and veterans.  Man oh man, I wish we could do this all season. It's damn exciting.

Oh, and note. Ryan Ruocco of ESPN called the game today at YES with Kenny Singleton. Important lesson to people out there.  When someone does a good job, it's good to let them know. I did... and Ruocco was kind enough to acknowledge that.
Atta boy kid.

Final: Yankees 4 - Rays 3 

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