Monday, February 23, 2015


This shouldn't happen, but it has.  Yoan Moncada has signed a deal to play for the Boston Red Sox.  This is not what Yankee fans had in mind and you really have to wonder what the hell happened that the Yankees would offer Moncada 3 private workouts and then suddenly, they pass or were outplayed in signing this19 year old stud from Cuba. Moncada had a ton of upside. This is disappointing... It's outrageous! And if you're a Yankee fan, you should be pissed.... bottom line!

Here's the report of the signing, It comes from Jesse Sanchez of MLB:
Now look;  The Sox took a page from the Yankees playbook here and it was brilliant on their part.  They snuck in there and really sweet talked this dude.  Meanwhile, the Yankees took their eye off the ball, perhaps waiting to see if they had the money to do it, or just too much red tape to get through quickly.  It doesn't matter though, the Yankees, once aggressive when signing top players, just don't have it anymore and this piece... Yoan Moncada would have made the off season perfect for the Yankees and us fans, who just wanted 1 more piece of talent.

Now the Yankees will spin this and say that Moncada "isn't all that", but they're doing it because they blew it...bottom line.  Fans should be angry... they should also not accept the Yankees spin.  You know what? I want a press conference... I want to know why the Yankees blew this!

Bottom line, this blows.  They had Yoan in their hands... and they let Moncada slip away to the Red Sox. 

It's not acceptable ladies and gentlemen... it just ain't.

Watch, the Yanks spin will be "Well, we're all in on Hector Olivera"... the 29 year old Cuban who's often injured...

We'll have to wait and see.

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