Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Why when it's Manny Ramirez, it's 'Manny being Manny'. When it's Alex Rodriguez, it's 'ARod being Asshole'?  Why?

We rank on this guy for being a liar and a cheat and you know what? We should. What he did was inexcusable.  Here's what I also know... he did his punishment... and now it's baseball season. Let's move on.

There are reports that the Yankees are "fuming" because ARod showed up to Spring Training early. Really? REALLY?   According to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, because ARod just showed up and "didn't give the Yankees a heads up", they are reportedly upset.  Hey Yanks... go scratch. Honestly. 

You should be happy the dude showed up early, eager and ready to play.  Any other player arriving would have been applauded... not Alex though. When he does it, it's "bad". And yes... the media feeds off it... it's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

Feinsand writes: "A-Rod’s early arrival was a bit of a surprise, as many had pegged him for a Wednesday...Roughly 20 reporters and a handful of cameras were on hand at the minor-league complex to greet A-Rod, a fraction of what had been expected for his arrival... while the early start may have lessened the media boom, it also caught the Yankees by surprise, leaving Brian Cashman and the team’s media relations staff scrambling for answers when asked about Rodriguez’s rumored arrival. The Yankees had no issues with A-Rod arriving on Monday, but team officials were fuming that he hadn’t alerted them to his plans."

So this is what threw me: "...it also caught the Yankees by surprise, leaving Brian Cashman and the team’s media relations staff scrambling for answers when asked about Rodriguez’s rumored arrival..."

SCRAMBLING FOR ANSWERS? Really? The player showed up early to play.  You know what? I have a better way for the Yankees to channel their energy. 

Instead of trying to do a damage control situation with ARod showing up early to play... HOW ABOUT YOU TELL THE YANKEE FANS WHAT THE HELL WAS ON YOUR MIND WHEN YOU LOW BALLED THAT 19 YEAR OLD CUBAN STUD YOAN MONCADA? That's where we need you scrambling. Yankee fans are fed up with you dragging your feet and unwilling to open your pocketbook on young players.

Moncada is the story here, not Alex Rodriguez... stop spinning! You know what we need Cashman? We need a press conference on the reasons why you blew that.  Forget ARod. He did his punishment... he's ready to play.   Oh and last time we checked, he was a member of the New York Yankees.  I have no idea why he would need to give the Yankees a "heads-up."  The whole thing is horseshit.

Look, we know who ARod is by now.  He has an ego and does what he wants.  That's been documented.  He's also a member of the New York Yankees and we are all hoping he realized he has a job to do.  Him showing up early let the fans see he's dedicated, and that's all the fans want.  Don't forget Yanks... you signed this guy... deal with it and instead of "fuming" that he showed up early, how about you tell us why we suddenly went on the cheap this off season... start scrambling, because we ain't happy.

That's the real story.

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