Sunday, February 8, 2015


As many of our readers know, we award the BEEB to one of the Bleeding Yankee Blue writers each year. For 2013, Mike O'Hara won for outstanding writing, opinion and flair.  This year the voting continues for who you think is the best writer on 2014.  But as the voting happens, I want you to do me a favor...  take it seriously!

The BEEB is important to me. That's because I understand just how hard my writers work.  It's not just what they write, but it's how they get it done on the daily.  All of us are regular people with regular jobs and special families.  We have activities, sometimes work late hours, we have dinners to prepare, and baseball, soccer or football practice to get to. We coach. We volunteer... and then, when our homes are quiet, we, exhausted, crank out something that you want to read.  We live for being read, and we love our audience.  And so, when you vote, you need to remember why you're voting and who you're voting for. It's important to do it right.

Here's the list of the BYB writers eligible to compete in this year's BEEB:
Read them, and vote for who you think should win. Thank you.

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