Sunday, February 1, 2015


I love Super Bowl Sunday... and for me personally, it has less to do with the game and more to do with 2 things... the food and baseball season.

I've stated this here from time to time;  I am not a big football fan.  I watch it, I like the game, but I have no real allegiance to any team other than rooting for New York and making sure that anyone who plays the Patriots... well...wins.

I was taken by Russell Wilson last season.  A kid with a dream and I remember seeing him beating the Broncos last Super Bowl and thinking to myself, what an incredible, young man.  He had the will to win and he was the underdog.  I wrote "I JUST NEEDED SOMEONE TO GIVE ME A CHANCE." on February 2nd last season. Check it out if you can.

Russell Wilson inspired me. And when it was clear the Seahawks were competing again for the Lombardi trophy, I'd be lying if I didn't think about Wilson winning it again.

It started off simple for me today.  Slow cooking the buffalo wings and preparing the meals that me and my family would eat;  Burgers, Nachos, Wings, Sausage, hot peppers and goat cheese.  Sure, there was plenty of veggies, but there was also margarita.  And yes... tomorrow, the plan is to burn it all off.

We set up Super Bowl boxes for the kids.  Alittle fun ritual we do.  My 5 year old won $3 bucks in the first quarter... 0-0.  We watched the commercials, some of us rooted against the Pats and we enjoyed the day as a family.  But more importantly to me, a Yankee fan... a true New York Yankees fan... I look forward to what happens next... after the Super Bowl.  It's baseball season.

We can all sit here and think that the Yankees have a mediocre team with not a lot to offer.  I say this... bring on the season!  Bring on Spring Training!  I want to see Brian McCann walking out on Steinbrenner Field smiling and feeling good. I want to see game play, the new guys dressed and ready to go; Andrew Miller... Didi Gregorius.  

I want to smell the grass through the TV... watch Yankees Magazine as Nancy Newman recaps the weeks leading up to Opening day.  And in the end, I want the season to start and I want my team to play ball! I love baseball season... but we only get there after the Super Bowl ends.

So enjoy the game tonight. Be smart, don't drive drunk... and root hard!  But if you're me, a non-football fan, you're not rooting for a winner tonight, as much as you are for baseball season to begin.

Damn... I can't wait.

Go Yanks.

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