Wednesday, February 11, 2015


or maybe I did.

Look, it's always the fans that hate the 'bad' players. We as fans just think players hate other players when they do bad stuff, and that may be true on some occasions.  And look, I've heard stories about players not liking Alex Rodriguez, but I also know plenty love the guy.  Not sure why I'm getting into this conversation... oh yeah, it's because of Matt Harvey.

The New York Post had an interesting piece in which they quoted Harvey about Alex Rodriguez's return.  I wanted to print it, mainly because I just didn't expect it:

" Matt Harvey is busy forging his comeback from Tommy John surgery, but he is keeping an eye on the Alex Rodriguez saga with the Yankees... 

'Obviously Alex wants to play, that’s good for him, good for baseball...If he is that dedicated and wants to come back then more power to him for going up to the organization like that, it shows a lot. It will be exciting to see what he can do.'"

Clearly for Alex, that's better than a "Screw you loser, take a hike."

Again, I found the quotes interesting and look, for all the hate out there, it's nice to see some support for Alex by a guy I just didn't expect.

Carry on.

Oh yeah, and if you didn't see our comedy bit about Alex and the Yankees meeting,be sure to check out: HOW I ENVISION THAT MEETING BETWEEN AROD & THE YANKEES.

For the ones that did see it and and told me your thoughts, thanks.  And yes, I appreciate that you liked how I portrayed Hank...

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